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  • Sunday, August 25, 2019

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    Why drive out of town to buy it, when it's available nearby? Why not save a little time, a little gas and a little money... and buy Long Beach!

    Free Classified Advertising

    Buy Long is a program and web site designed to allow local merchants and residents to list their products or services -- especially sale merchandise, so that we, the consumers, can type in the name of what we're looking for and voila! there it is -- only a few miles or just a couple of blocks away. Think of Long Beach as a huge department store and this web site as its online city catalog.

    In these challenging times we find ourselves desiring to shop close to home and to be as efficient as possible with our free time. Rushing home from work, to bring the kids to soccer practice, or to dance lessons, or picking up the car from the mechanic and then doing grocery shopping... stopping off at the dry-cleaner's... We all know the drill... Anyway do any of us really have any extra time left-over? I know that I don't and it would be nice to go shopping for things that I need without driving for a half hour just to spend another hour looking for what I want. That's why we put together

    Did you know that whenever you spend money on taxable merchandise in Long Beach, a portion of that sales tax stays in our city and is used to improve our community? Better streets, improved services, better lighting, better sidewalks... those are just some of the things that can benefit from our sales tax money.

    Our local merchants, restaurants and service providers are in business to serve us and make enough to stay in business. In order to do so they need our business whenever possible. The problem is -- we often don't know that the items that we are looking for are available so close to home. So check it out here first.

    The main menu at the top will help you to navigate the main sections of the site.

    Remember -- the next time you need to buy something, find it here first and BUY LONG BEACH!

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